SPM Contract Manufacturing Services

Established in 2001, SPM is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that has been providing low to mid volume high precision contract manufacturing services to our customers in Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America for over 14 years. From CNC machining of parts to providing complete machine assemblies, these services include:

CNC Milling Services

For our high precision milling services SPM has a variety of 3 axis and 4 axis vertical and horizontal CNC mills from some of the world's best machine tool manufacturers. SPM can offer our customers the quality of world class machining technology along with the cost savings possible in a low labor cost country.

We have experience machining a variety of materials including:

 •Mild Steels.
 •Tool Steels.
 •Stainless Steels.
 •High Strength Alloy Steels.
 •Copper Alloys.
 •Exotic High Nickel Alloys:
  •Inconel 718.
  •Inconel 600.
  •Incoloy DS.
  •ASTM A297 HU.
 •Engineering Plastics.

You can learn more about our CNC Milling by visiting our Capabilities/ Milling page.

CNC Lathe Turning Services

For our high precision lathe turning services SPM has a variety of CNC lathes from some of the world's best machine tool makers and we have the same experience with materials as listed above for milling.

You can learn more about our CNC lathe turning by visiting our Capabilities/ Turning page.

OD Grinding and Surface Grinding Services

You can learn more about our precision grinding services by visiting our Capabilities/ Grinding page.

Mig Welding, Tig Welding and Brazing Services

You can learn more about our welding services by visiting our Capabilities/ Welding page.

Manual Assembly Services

SPM provides manual assembly of mechanical components, machines and electrical control equipment from small sub-assemblies to complete major machine builds supplying or purchasing some or all of the parts depending on the customer's needs. This includes control panels, control panel wiring and PLC programming when necessary. Take a look at some of the assemblies we do at our Capabilities/ Assembly page.

Outsourced Processes

Located in a western Bangkok suburb, we have a rich locally available supplier base, and also act as a single source supplier for some of our customers. As your single source supplier, we can simplify the ordering process, ensure consistent QC requirements are applied (see our Capabilities/ QC page), consolidate shipments to save you shipping costs and spare you the language, communication and coordination problems inherent with sourcing from many suppliers. In many ways we can be your "feet on the ground" in Asia.

Outside processes we source for our customers include:

Investment Castings, Sand Castings and Die Castings

We know our customers usually don't want to buy castings from one supplier and machining of those castings from a second supplier. In terms of who is responsible for the finished part, it's much better to just buy the finished product from a single source, and we can do that for you.

It's also important that the foundry and the machining vendor have an established, close relationship to coordinate schedules and work out problems efficiently, and SPM has good relationships with several foundries.

You can learn more about castings from SPM by visiting our Capabilities/ Outsourced/ Castings page.

Fabrication Services

Fabricated parts are often necessary as component parts either in assemblies or weldments. Much like castings, it's important for SPM to work closely with local fabrication shops to coordinate schedules and ensure quality. See some of our fabrications at our Capabilities/ Outsourced/ Fabrication page.

Surface Treatments and Surface Conversions

Finishing touches are often required for parts including:

 •Powder Coating.
 •Chrome Plating.
 •Nickel Plating.
 •Zinc Plating.
 •Heat Treatment.

See some of these treatments at our Capabilities/ Outsourced/ Surface Treatments page.